Thursday was National Day of Prayer at the White House. The president hosted members of his evangelical advisory board at a dinner Wednesday night and met Roman Catholic leaders in the Oval Office before signing a new executive order.  

Repealing the Johnson Amendment act was Donald Trump’s commitment to the evangelicals that put him in office. It means that churches can fund political candidates to support them. Following a 100 day celebration with his supporters in the white house, the signing of this document marked his first National Prayer Day in the White House. This is the beginning of what will mark the first Christian ‘theocracy’ of nations with Protestant roots. Trump is also looking at constitutional change, with church and state brought together to legislate religious freedom- which is a twist but is a Vatican ll model. The supreme court will certainly bring the changes through. 

The constitution and the congress as it exists is under threat. Religious liberty issues are at stake but the prophetic events have to arrive same day and that day is now approaching rapidly. 

Trump’s new executive order

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