Islam in prophecy

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They waged war & confusion across the world as they ascended from the bottomless pit. In this respect we have an overview of Revelation & the forces at work in the world today ⇓

Rome believes it is the fulfillment of the 4 horsemen to bring in a one world government/ church & so we see it coming on. 8 prophetic time periods are attached to it. 7 times its prophetic time is given as 1260 years. It is a warlike desolating power from the bottomless pit Rev 17. This image is very apt for it is by this persecuting desolating power God allows in contrast to His church that He seals His people ready for eternity

Atheism is a non-descript beast from the bottomless pit that has a prophetic time period attached to it & rose at the time of the French revolution

2 prophetic time periods and woe is attached to this power & ascend from the bottomless pit
Russian war ships in the Bosphorus Straits
The Bosphorrus Straits dispute