Merkel seeks Pope before G20

One of the most important liaisons for the Pope the is Vatican’s home continent and the final place for the resumption of it’s power after the USA meets it’s demise. The strongest power on the continent is Germany and before the upcoming G20 meeting (July 7 2017) Merkel has sort private audience with the Pope- this is the sixth time. One headline says the Pope and Merkel find harmony on Africa, climate change and poverty.  Interesting they have Africa on their mind when there is so much problem on their own home front. For anyone who has a nonce of understanding of prophecy it’s not hard to guess that German is one of the 10 kings that gives power to the Papacy in the final moments of earth’s history as described in Revelation 17:12. 

“She said the two leaders had also discussed the importance of “tearing down walls,” protecting the environment, and promoting a multilateral approach to solving global problems.” Obama had stated that the world order had not gone away just before he left office and it is well entrenched in the hearts and mind of many, especially through the universities that feed the Political world. The Papacy has it’s power through times and laws that she has instituted and men follow, so climate change is a tool to institute Sunday worship, one of it’s distinct marks of authority and have all the nations follow in it’s cause of environmental protection in order to resume world dominance.  

So the Pope leads on and pediphile scandals are just like a pimple on his nose as all the world seeks His counsel as described in Revelation 13:3. The insane part is that the world has it’s full confidence in a Jesuit Pope whose order fuels the dissemination of unrest in it’s own lust for power behind the scenes. 

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