Germany’s rise

2B86FD6D00000578-0-image-a-184_1440100312031What do you think the dead soldiers who fought for liberty during the WWII might think of Germany being the leading country of the EU with increasing military spending and the biggest arms dealer in Europe since 2011.  In 1994 Germany with American endorsement conducted military operations against its old enemy the Serbs. German troops were sent to Afghanistan in 2002 and today is expected to expand its involvement in military operations with Britain out of the EU.

Germany is to be a global force in global security for defense in Europe.  The Jesuit Priest Peter Canisius is attributed with turning Germans back to the Catholic faith in the counter reformation movement. The result of such can be seen all the way down to the Second World War in military globalist bid from which this country continues to serve the Romanist ideal till this day.

What should Germany be today? After two world wars, the leading pacifist country, not the leading arms dealer and military force in Europe.  Well aren’t they on our side now? Or in fact have we gone over to their side, minus Hitler and his leading men, by participating in their evil deeds, destroying liberty and well-being of other countries outside of the West?

War with preemptive action on foreign soil amounts to being a war criminal.

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