Cancer just bad luck


I have to ask the question are they really scientists? Please don’t look after my future…

Genes are made out of proteins and the body is continually repairin2460191F00000578-2893932-For_two_out_of_three_cancer_patients_the_cumulative_effect_of_ra-a-2_1420194040957g those genes.  Self repair is continually going on.

Scientists in USA say: “The biggest risk factor for the disease is simply getting older – this is because there’s more time for the cells in our body to accumulate genetic damage.
..In two out of three cases of cancer random mistakes in genes is to blame. 
An unhealthy lifestyle was previously blamed in 30-40 per cent of cases. The study was carried out at John Hopkins University School of Medicine . Brain tumours, head and neck and ovarian cancers are bad luck. While throat, lung and colon cancers are caused by lifestyle choices” ‘However, many forms of cancer are due largely to the bad luck of acquiring a mutation in a cancer driver gene regardless of lifestyle aPicture-submitted-for-FDA-approval-taken-5-days-before-Barb-succumed-to-lung-cancernd heredity factors. The best way to eradicate these cancers will be through early detection, when they are still curable by surgery.’ By Jenny Hope Medical Correspondent For The Daily Mail


Either they’re just plain stupid with such reports or just stupid. That’s like saying its beyond our control, it just happens from spontaneous generation, like an evolution, something from nothing without a cause. If they were honest or smart enough to know the cause of disease then that might provide an answer! Their answer to this is in early detection and treatment naturally to follow???? Radiation (like the Simpsons) and chemo and more research……….

What is the body made out of? Water, minerals, carbohydrates, fats etc and the minds physical and mental state affecting the physical state via the hormonal system. 



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