At this time health and healing will continue to play an increasingly important part in end-time events as predicted over 100 year ago in this statement: the medical missionary work which will broaden and deepen at every point of its progress, because of the inflowing of hundreds and thousands of streams, until the whole earth is covered as the waters cover the sea. Brethren, let us walk in meekness and lowliness of mind and put before our associates an example of self-sacrifice. If we do our part in faith, God will open ways before us now undreamed of.–Manuscript 12, 1913. {CME 13.1} The shaping of character spiritually, physically, and intellectually, speaking to God, or even happiness is impossible without obeying the laws of nature & God’s moral law. True Christian healing principles were formed in the establishment of only one Christian church since its inception. Lifestyle habits shape the ability and character of the person and seals their eternal destiny. The fall of man began with appetite. 



The trees found on each continent have therapeutic qualities & draw rain


Wrong habits of eating and the use of unhealthful food are largely responsible for physical and mental illness in the world today. Immunity is known to be enhanced by 8 fundamental natural laws that apply to all of us. Outside of acknowledging these natural laws, there is no foundation for immunity or fighting disease. 1. Nutrition, 2. Elimination of toxins & harmful substances, 3.Exercise, 4. Hydrate, 6. Sunlight, 7. Oxygenation 8. Mental balance & strength

This basis can be used for multiple diseases- diabetes, cancer, arthritis, fungal problems, heart condition, kidney disease, and so on. Once we have the basis right we can build on this, specific to the condition.  


It’s very important to take one step at a time and replace old things with new ones. Treat yourself to a creative healthier lifestyle.

What we eat at one meal.

If it would not work as a recipe in a blender don’t put it in your stomach. Moderation does not make healthy gut flora.



Addressing even one lifestyle change makes a difference. The aim is internal hygiene. Like exercise, it is something we must continually work toward but the result is worth it all- happiness.

Diseases such as dementia may start with unperceivable mini-strokes in the brain, perhaps in the 50s without making an impact till decades later, and can be the result of blood vessel disease- a corrupted system because of poor internal hygiene that leads to the living dead.

How do I know what I am talking about?

1 Its basis is Old Testament health laws

2 Having a correct definition for the disease as a guiding principle for treatment fits into the Genesis model of the cycle of life . (We continue to explore this more in-depth down the page). 3 It makes rational sense – important (it not about energy flow an occult idea but blood flow)

The life of the flesh is in the blood Leviticus 17:11 Blood flow and blood quality determines our self-healing ability. Today nearly everyone realizes that gut flora is important and determined by the terrain in which it is found however this is not followed through as a guiding principle. Microbes morph themselves according to the environment in which they find themselves which is determined by the blood quality.

4 Having proof of something that reverses blood vessel disease as in the image to the left- A doctor is given two months to live with a heart problem that is inoperable and so Dr Zane Kime helps this man and the artery is restored to normal by diet alone. Now Doctor Zane Kime had a good idea of what to do as he was a Seventh-day Adventist physician and Seventh-Day Adventists were the first to practice Christian health principles world wide as a domination and one of the first in natural medicine and physical therapies. The same scenario was again reported and graphically recorded by Caldwell Essestyn as seen in the picture above of his doctor friend who was given 2 months to live and the artery fully restored as seen on the right approximately 2.5 years later. 

5 Personal experience- I also live by these outlined recommendations for many years now. 

Diseases such as dementia may start with unperceivable ministrokes in the brain, perhaps in the 50s without making an impact till decades later, and can be the result of blood vessel disease- a corrupted system because of poor internal hygiene that leads to the living dead.

Many back problems are poor healing due to corruption of the blood vessels leading to the spine therefore  methods of treatment should be such to direct blood to the spine and improve blood flow and blood quality.

Losing a vital bodily function is like fall off a cliff- it happens all of a sudden often without much warning just like a car that suddenly breaks down.

Lifestyle changes are found to turn genes on and off and our microbes also do the same. Our genes are under constant repair. The colon was viewed as a retention tank of the body is now viewed as the main location for the body’s defenses and nutritional uptake through the symbiotic relationship of the body to microbes

Nutrition depends on…

  1. Breakfast is the main meal of the day and should be eaten as such not from a packet with milk. A liquid meal is a poor meal and results in impaired digestion. Choose a variety of 4 fruits for breakfast cut up into a fruit salad for example. Make oil and butter not part of the meal. A small amount of juice from the orange takes the place of needing any milk.

If a person eats too many meals, too close together then, there will be a lack of appetite for breakfast and the stomach does not have time to rest. Stomach and pancreas rest is required for good health. Implication for stomach problems, diabetes & self-healing.

Eating a good breakfast controls blood sugars.  Timing is everything and regulated by sunrise and sunset.

  1. Meal timing– KEY: there should be no morning tea, afternoon tea and lots of little meals. In a good system is takes 5-6 hours to digest a meals and much longer when the meals continue to stack up one on top of another. These lifestyle habits are some of the hardest to break but important for quality blood. Such changes will cause faintness but that will pass.  Two meals a day are preferable to three. Supper, when taken at an early hour, interferes with the digestion of the previous meal. When taken later, it is not itself digested before bedtime. Thus the stomach fails of securing proper rest.

But I am a diabetic and told to have lots of little meals? This is one of the main reasons that diabetes is not reversing and self-healing hammered as the pancreas and stomach are never resting and is the main organ for a diabetic that needs rest and appropriate meal timing. 

When something is damaged or sick we rest and it is no different for internal organs.

‘Actually, obesity & over-availability of food rather than stress are the contributing factors to type 2 DM. When permanent change in dietary habits is established, some people should be allowed to escape the “life-long” diagnosis of Type 2 DM’


  1. Meal combinations. KEY: 3-4 combinations of fruit or vegetable should be taken at a meal but not together. Whatever you would put together in a blender for a healthy recipe should be what goes in your stomach for the meals to make is microbe friendly.
  2. Free oils that are processed oil for cooking or in recipesare damaging and are the KEY to heart attacks, artery damage, and blocked arteries. No oil is the ideal. Not even cold-pressed virgin oil. understanding oil as potential damage to health together with animal fats takes a person a long way toward understanding good health. See the home page for more details.

    Free oils block digestion, the natural body insulin, and cause OA and heart and blood vessel disease.

    But my cholesterol reading is good and controlled. This only part of the story and does not read what is happening with plant oils affects in causing damage to the body. 

  3. Salt is necessary for good blood. The good quality salt is magnesium-rich which will hold blood pressure and is not full of plastics and is not common table salt. Himalayan salt which is very popular has been fund to have plastics present. A good salt will help supply the body with trace minerals.-Celtic sea salt recommended.
  4. Caffeine drinks. Anything that naturally dehydrates your body and artificially stimulates it can’t be good for you. It causes BP and arthritis. But its a cultural norm and I like it. Your choice but why don’t your substitute it.                                      Chocolates– ‘True caffeine-free chocolate doesn’texist. Imitation chocolate, such as bars made from carob or soy, contain no caffeine. However, they also contain no cocoa, so aren’t really chocolatebars in the strictest sense. Similarly, white chocolate is made using cocoa butter, not cocoa solids.’

    Chocolate Brand or Type

    Serving Size

    Mg of Caffeine

    CHOCOLATE COATED RAISINS (milk chocolate)

    1 serving (10 pieces)


    CHOCOLATE FROSTING (from dry mix)

    1 serving (2 tbsp)


    CHOCOLATE FROSTING (ready to eat) )

    1 serving (2 tbsp)


    CHOCOLATE FUDGE (generic)

    1 piece


    ‘But you might be surprised to find as much (or more) caffeine in energy drinks, sodas — even gum and ice cream. Coffee-flavored frozen yogurt and ice cream is also suspect, with anywhere from 45 to 85 milligrams of caffeine per cup, depending on the brand.’

  5. Meat. Not all meats are the same. Red meats are particularly carcinogenic and microbes that are contained in meats become our own. However, because of world pollution fish which normally be good for us has become one of the most toxic foods on the planet. Therefore as we move from red meat to white meats to no meats the closer we come to ideal self-healing.                                                        Systems clean is the aim. Inside out!              Medical expenses and debilitation are often because your following a PHD in uncommon sense. You have to understand what is rational medicine and be prepared to make appropriate lifestyle changes.

    Hygiene inside

    The chief anxiety is to rid yourself of pain and inconvenience. Most people do not understands drug reactions. They are chemicals that changes form and location of the disease. Metformin cause stomach upset for some and may take 5-10 years to cause B 12 depletion and neuropathy while Lamisil may cause bleeding from the groin in 2 weeks or liver problems OR they may have no immediate reaction at all but they will affect body chemistry.

    Drinking juices between meals is not cleaning the system.

  6. Water. Drinking water to clean the system is something that many bodies have rarely seen. Do not drink with the meal but half an hour before the meal and one hour after the meal. When you drink with your meal it washes down salivary amylase which is important for diabetics to remember.

  7. Exercise should be deep breathing, outdoor and good posture, ideally not on a treadmill, only when necessary.  Walking is the best form of exercise. A short walk after a meal helps digestion.

    Understanding viruses & the cycle of life

    Most people though ‘educated’ do not know the fundamentals of health and healing. Medical superstition has allowed people to believe that good health is mass inoculation and medicated- such is impossible and naïve. As seen by covid sweeping through India where hygiene is very poor. Previous inoculation for Polio by the Gates foundation was called a total success in eradicating polio, leaving 490,000 children with non-polio flaccid paralysis. The disease had changed form and location.  We to a large degree shall revisit medieval times because of this basic lack of understanding, allowing control over our quality of health and personal data. This should never have happened.

    The body machinery works off laws. You say what laws? Such laws are evident in physics, flight, electricity etc. The laws spoken of here such as rest patterns, removing free oils, inhaling fresh air in ventilated rooms etc. The result is to be ideally an internally clean, nutrient-rich system for self-healing.

    Years ago I was told that some scientists believe that viruses are actually fungal spores. It did not make sense that a nonliving entity was responsible for disease- there was something wrong with the foundational premise for disease because of partial truths. A virus is not a microbe for it is not alive until it is deposited into the living host and the word virus by association to disease is actually a very poor term. Only recently has it been understood that a virus is necessary for the creation of life in the initial cell replication for the formation of the fetus and continues to disperse throughout the cells as replication continues.

    Extracellular vessels, EVs are important in cell-to-cell communication as well as pathogen-to-pathogen communication. EVs are small phospholipid membrane-enclosed entities that can carry microRNA (miRNA). A miRNA is a small single-stranded non-coding RNA molecule (containing about 22 nucleotides) that functions in RNA silencing and post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression. As scientists study deeper into this subject the line blurs between a virus and an EV and are now being exploited for vaccine technology. An example of fungal EVs contain RNA, proteins, melanin, lipid, and polysaccharides. EVs are fundamental to the complex cycle of life.  EVs of bacteria can protect against disease supporting commensal growth or be pathogenic promoting inflammation in the host. EVs become indistinguishable from viruses the deeper we search.  EVs associated with extracellular activity in the body could be broadly known as membrane vesicles, are found in great abundance in the water we drink and the air we breathe and of course the earth we take our food from. Microbes are affected by environmental factors through membrane vesicles. The microbes or cells are transformed accordingly. Viral payloads make life and its function possible and microbes make up the gut function without which we would not have immunity, get our nutrition or be able to function at all. Microbes morph themselves according to the environment in which they are found by EVs or membrane vesicles. This determines blood flow and quality and our self-healing. 

    There is vertical replication of the cells but also the horizontal influences by environmental factors and the outcome depends both on internal as well as external hygiene. This makes up the cycle of life allowing recycling and the regeneration of organic matter. ‘Extracellular vessels important in cell to cell communication or EVs, depending on the proteins and genetic material incorporated in them, play a significant role in viral infection, both facilitating and suppressing it.’

    ‘EVs can bind to the plasma membranes of other cells, enter them either through fusion or endocytosis, and trigger specific reactions from these recipient cells. Finally, EVs carry genetic material, and this genetic material can change functions of the recipient cell.’ Extracellular vesicles and viruses: Are they close relatives? Esther Nolte-‘t Hoen, Tom Cremer, Robert C. Gallo, and Leonid B. Margolis

    If we were to let the body become filthy inside, the gene expression through EVs would mean life-threatening parasites, bacteria and fungus would rapidly multiply and if present in a group could cause an epidemic that would cause death and plow us back into the ground thus recycling life and cleaning up the filth.

    The body has several lines of defense against attack. When the last body defense has been broken in which the person is infected by disease this becomes part of the DNA thus a weak chain remains in the system rather than strengthening immunity. When the immune system is compromised the disease returns but has changed form and location, chickenpox presents as singles for example.    Thus whatever enters the system can permanently remain thus potentially weakening the system and causing further disease or one disease leading to another.  This contrary to the concept of compromising the system for an immune response that may have immediate but not long-term benefits.

    So the hospital and nursing homes close their windows but to have good health you need the room air fresh and clean – is what your lungs require for good health. The sick need to be isolated not the well!! Fresh air is not in a mask!

    Plant-based foods have self-healing properties unmatched by animal-based foods

    The planetary health diet

    Connected with the UN & Great Reset is the planetary health diet. The goal of the Commission was to reach a scientific consensus by defining targets for healthy diets and sustainable food production. It’s a dangerous development in food control and using genetic engineering that closely mimics a good dietary approach but it’s not. It’s genetically engineered. 

    The most neglected of these is stomach and pancreas rest.

    The Skin. ‘Impurities are constantly and imperceptibly passing from the body, through the pores, and if the surface of the skin is not kept in a healthy condition, the system is burdened with impure matter.’

    How many people do not wash after being to the bathroom or we discover have filthy feet or fungal conditions? The skin is an extra organ indicating an underlying condition of internal cleanliness problems or visa vera thus ‘burden of labor is thrown upon the liver, lungs, kidneys, etc., and these internal organs are compelled to do the work of the skin.

     The skin needs to be carefully and thoroughly cleansed, that the pores may do their work in freeing the body from impurities.

  8. Fresh air is one of the main components of exercise so a gym is not the best place for exercise but outdoors to exercise the lungs.

  9. Sunlight’s effects are to lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar; increasing endurance, sex hormones, and resistance to infection. Crucial dietary suggestions are made to ensure healthy skin when exposed to sunlight. Free oils when taken up by the skin and exposed to sunlight make us vulnerable to skin cancers.

  10. Rest patterns. Everything in life revolves around activity and rest in balance. Weekly cycles of rest from work, daily rest which is guided by the rising and setting of the sun, stomach & pancreas rest, eye rest.



Light was given that there is health in the fragrance of the pine, the cedar, and the fir. And there are several other kinds of trees that have medicinal properties that are health promoting. Let not such trees be ruthlessly cut down…. Let them live.– Letter 95, 1902 (To workers in the South). {2SM 301.4}.






The Bible is to be opened to the people. A knowledge of God is the highest education, and it will cover the earth with its wonderful truth as the waters cover the sea. –Manuscript 139, 1898.