While flying from Rio De Janerio to Iguazu I thought immediately of the significance of these sites in terms of the Rio Summit 1992, also called the Earth Summit. The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development formed Agenda 21 which is, in fact, the driving force behind the revolutions seen in the West to make us embrace ‘inclusive capitalism’ and it’s a hard red pill to swallow.

Forest Principles. The first document called the Rio Declaration, in short, contained 27 principles that were supposed to guide countries in future sustainable development.

Evolutionary science has had a significant impact upon the earth’s forward destruction and yet they are warning of the catastrophe. So on one hand we create a problem with weather manipulation, fracking, pesticides, bombs, genetic manipulation. And then we say we need to save the planet by rallying all the inhabitants of the planet to cooperate while still carrying on the very practices that are causing the destruction in the first place. Iguazu is an example of the pristine world we are trying to save and is a microscopic picture of what is happening on the world stage in much grander scale.

Images form the Brazilian side of Iguazu 

Iguazu is the largest waterfall in the world at the intersection of 3 nations- Bazil, Argentina, Paraguay (who has dammed their side of the falls. 

Niagara falls is a smaller falls which takes you close to the falls and you definitely get wet but this ride takes you inside the falls for a very special experience that is once in a lifetime.

The image above of the falls is taken aboard boat that takes you right up to the water fall itself- an amazing experience. Both the Brazilian and Argentinian side can give you this spectacular thrill. Click on the images.

Taking a boat to the falls on either side is in the same location.  The intensity the falls is greater I think because of the boat they use on the Argentina side and on the Brazilian side the boat rides closer to the water so slightly different aspects of the falls can be captured when photographing. The Argentina side is poor on change areas and has no lockers as found on the Brazilian side, however a bag is given to keep things dry in the boat on the Argentina side but they give the instructions about keeping it dry when your in the middle of the ride. This meant that one person didn’t have the bag done up properly and got his things full of water. I was carrying expensive camera gear and that was the last thing I would have wanted. 

 “Iguassu is a tri-national forest corridor that connects with the largest remaining block of Atlantic Forest, one of the most biologically important and threatened ecosystems in the world. Nearly 28 million people living in the surrounding region benefit from the forest’s ecological services, such as watershed protection and hydro-electric power. The scenic beauty of the Iguaçu Park also provides the foundation for the regional economy.”

There are two wonderful sides to this area to be seen but not to forget that this area also borders Paraguay where you can enjoy the visitors centre from which these drawings are taken. The Iguassu experience can bring us closer to God by the awesome movement of water that was created in the times of the flood and dense jungle  with its inhabitants that it feeds containing numerous unique species including the butterflies and the threatened jaguars.  Jaguars cling to survival in Argentina’s forests. … The Iguazu waterfalls that border Paraguay and Brazil mark what is now the outer limit of the jaguar’s range. Just 50 of the big cats are estimated to live in the sub-tropical jungle around the famous falls. The pictures below are from the Argentinian side of Iguazu where we come to what is known as the devil’s throat haha. This is truly a spectacular part of the falls. But remember to leave yourself plenty of time cause if your wanting to have the train back as it’s at least a 30 minute wait + considerable walking time to get there.

Known as the devil's throat
Rainbow is always seen at this place in the falls

Click ->>>Brazilian Priests influence on  Klaus Schwab leader of the World Economic Forum. 

This is a war against the fundamental principles of Protestantism and its creation of personal ownership & freedoms under democracy & capitalism.

The memorial of creation is a signature of Christ Himself as we being of that vine. By using the Old Testament & New Testament in addition rather than subtraction as many thus misuse the words of Paul we can then easily understand our obligations to God and His mark or sign and the opposite of such as the mark of the beast.  It [is] a sign between me and the children of Israel for ever: for [in] six days the LORD made heaven and earth, and on the seventh day he rested, and was refreshed. Exodus 31:17 This statement is given having followed the commandments given in Exodus 20: 8-11 to keep the 7th day Holy. Jesus says to His disciples in John 14:21-23 if you keep not only this commandment but all His commandments and love both God and one another then He together with the Father will manifest themselves in your life and by that grant you the gift of life eternal.  Notice it is a sign or a mark.

While it can seem that the nations are drawing the inhabitants of the planet to do their part as environmentally friendly Revelations tells us And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.

Another treasure in this area is the Jesuit’s reductions that serve as a very important illustration of the movement of events in the world today and is another world heritage monument situated close to the area of the falls. The first European to see the Iguazu Falls was the Spanish explorer Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca in 1541. To set this in perspective the explorer was sent by Charles V to discover the new lands of the Americas starting in the Gulf of Mexico which is Florida or was then called La Florida and the south-eastern area of the Americas.

Jesuit History indignous people

It was Charles V who resided over the Diet of Worms after Luther nailed his 95 theses to the Wittenburg door in October 31, 1517.  Luther  having been appalled at the debauchery of a renaissance papacy when visiting Rome- a more shocking occurrence is the rife pedophilia discovered worldwide in the Catholic church today due in a large degree to its unnatural doctrine of celibacy. Yet despite such shocking criminal revelations, the Vatican influence remains in Protestant hearts as they embrace ecumenism in that which Vatican II has outlined so many years.

While dealing with the reformation, Charles would also fight many wars against Suleiman the Magnificent as the Muslims expanded their territory into Europe. Now the Spanish explorer Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca who discovered the area made his way from Florida down to South America and after slaughter, hunger (eating their own horses in the end) and slavery by Indian tribes he become one of four survivors out of over 300 of his men.

His account is the only account of Indian activities whose lives he documented while in slavery to them.  Later the Jesuits would be hailed as protectorates of the Indian tribes as they learnt their language and created their own civilisation with an Indian Catholic mix as is natural to the pagan roots from which Roman Catholicism sprung.

The ride into the jungle reveals rich and dense flora of which by way of preservation is only 1% of the Iguaçu National Park, a World Heritage property of 169,695.88 hectares that is available to public view,  located in the State of Paraná, in southern Brazil, adjacent to the Iguazú National Park, also a World Heritage property in Argentina.

The Macuco Safari centre takes a short trail through the jungle to a boat ride to the falls.  Much better timing and organisation is found on the Brazilian ride.  To take the wet ride rather than the dry ride is certainly the way to go and the way to cool off from the jungle humidity.

Ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.

The Jesuit history is strongly intertwined with this area having a strong early presence in Argentina, a Spanish colony. Ignatius Loyola established the order in 1540 and by 1573 they established themselves in Argentina with the first Jesuit university in Cordoba.   Here is a possible route of the Jesuits Spanish Priests from  Buenos Aires Port up the Parana River to the settlement areas through the tropical jungles. 

A full map of South America shows the meeting of the borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay at the Iguazu  falls. 

The story of Jesuits rise in wealth and power is illustrated by the history of their initial rise to power which received a deadly wound by the order of the Pope for their society to be dissolved.  The story of the Jesuit’s beginning is on a mini scale of that which they have created on a worldwide scene today following their Papal order to dissolve indefinitely with their more stealthy re-ascension and today delivering to the world the Vatican II model which they had a large part in developing. The pattern of indigenous rights, wars between the nations and a money trail from CIA operatives laundering money through the Vatican bank or more than 50% ownership in the Bank of America, to strongly establish education systems in once strong Protestant nations with a Vatican II agenda. The second rise is on a much grander scale with world domination in mind and being achieved as scripture predicted. 

The Jesuit Rio papers from October 2017 says “although the concept of the ‘global citizen’ is still under construction, our education should be a creative actor in this. Our presence in so many places and cultures around the world allows us to create and offer educational proposals for an intercultural view of the world, in which all human beings and their peoples possess a ‘global citizenship’, where rights and duties are connected.” So understand the meaning of what appears to be a riddle in Revelation 17:11 And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.  A Jesuit lead ecumenical Papacy is the eighth which is really of the seven. The papacy under a Jesuit rise leads the rise from the deadly wound of 1798 when the Papacy lost its autonomy as predicted in Bible prophecy.

In South America. “Having secured the territory of Paraguay, a Portuguese possession in South America, the Jesuits founded a kingdom there, and became its sovereigns. They treated the natives at first with kindness, and taught them several useful arts, but by-and-by they changed their policy, and, reducing them to slavery, compelled them to labor for their benefit.”  Pictured right is the some of the iron works produced at the settlements. Later it would be instruments for war so the settlements could defend themselves. So its said that the Jesuits were prepared to leave but not the natives. However the wealth the Jesuits acquired was from the settlements they established was immense, so the discontent would have come from the Priests to retain a hold on their bounty.

A museum in the complex contains artifacts including this model of the complex which is smaller in size than the reduction found in other locations, with a total of 30 missions. The images here are from a tour to the San Ignacio Mini. 

“Dealing out to the Paraguayan peasant from the produce of his own toil as much as would suffice to feed and clothe him, the Fathers laid up the rest in large storehouses, which they had erected for the purpose. They kept carefully concealed from the knowledge of Europe this seemingly exhaustless source of wealth, that no one else might share its sweets. They continued all the while to draw from it those vast sums wherewith they carried on their machinations in the Old World. With the gold wrung from the Paraguayan peasants’ toil they hired spies, bribed courtiers, opened new missions, and maintained that pomp and splendor of their establishments by which the populace were dazzled.”

“Their establishments in Brazil formed the basis of a great and enriching trade, of which Santa Fe and Buenos Aires were the chief depots. Bueones Aires was the port from which the First Spanish Jesuit priest made their way by raft up the Paraná River to establish the settlements. But the most noted episode of this kind in their history is that of Father Lavalette (1756). He was Visitor-General and Apostolic Prefect of their Missions in the West Indies. “He organized offices in St. Domingo, Granada, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, and other islands, and drew bills of exchange on Paris, London, Bordeaux, Nantes, Lyons, Cadiz, Leghorn, and Amsterdam.” His vessels, loaded with riches, comprising, besides colonial produce, negro slaves, “crossed the sea continually.”   Trading on credit, they professed to give the property of the society as security. Their methods of business were abnormal. Treaties obeyed by other merchants they disregarded. Neutrality laws were nothing to them. They hired ships which were used as traders or privateers, as suited them, and sailed under whatever flag was convenient. At last, however, came trouble to these Fathers, who were making as the phrase is, “the best of both worlds.” The Brothers Lioncy and Gouffre, of Marseilles, had accepted their bills for a million and a half of livres, to cover which two vessels had been dispatched for Martinique with merchandise to the value of two millions, unfortunately for the Fathers, the ships were captured at sea by the English.
The house of Lioncy and Gouffre asked the superior of the Jesuits in Marseilles for four thousand livres, as part payment of their debt, to save them from bankruptcy. The Father replied that the society was not answerable, but he offered the Brothers Lioncy and Gouffre the aid of their prayers, fortified by the masses which they were about to say for them. The masses would not fill the coffers which the Jesuits had emptied, and accordingly the merchants appealed to Parliament craving a decree for payment of the debt. The appeal was allowed, and the Jesuits were condemned to honour the bills drawn by their agent. At this critical moment the General of the society died: delay was inevitable: the new General sent all the funds he could raise; but before these supplies could reach Marseilles, Lioncy and Gouffre had become bankrupt, involving in their misfortune their connections in all parts of France.”  Quotes from Wylie’s History of Protestantism. 

(The story of the annihilation of the Order is never fully explained in modern history but rather it is portrayed as the Jesuits being martyrs protecting indigenous rights. For example why would the order be terminated by the Pope himself to be expelled from over 70 countries who are primarily catholic countries if they were protecting other’s interests? Why so many countries against the society? The reasons were multiple. They were interfering in the politics of Catholic countries and causing war between countries and arming the wars. They were using slavery as a mean of their profit however this is not the history of spoken today. And financial reasons are always the most persuasive reason.) The war between Portugal and Spain had the Jesuits playing both sides of the political fence which led to both country’s expulsion of Jesuits. 

High crime & Misdemeanors

The ruin had come and publicity was inevitable, the Jesuits refused to pay the debt, pleading that they were protected from the claims of their creditors by their Constitutions. The cause now came to a public hearing. After several pleas had been advanced and abandoned, the Jesuits took their final stand on the argument which, in an evil hour for themselves, they had put forth at first in their defense. Their rules, they said, forbade them to trade; and the fault of individual members could not be punished upon the Order: they were shielded by their Constitutions. The Parliament ordered these documents to be produced. They had been kept secret till now. They were laid before Parliament on the 16th of April, 1761. The result was disastrous for the Jesuits. They lost their cause, and became much more odious than before. The disclosure revealed Jesuitism to men as an organization based on the most iniquitous maxims, and armed with the most terrible weapons for the accomplishment of their object, which was to plant their own supremacy on the ruin of society. The Constitutions were one of the principal grounds of the decree for the extinction of the order in France, in 1762. 

The Jesuits’s object was to plant their own supremacy on the ruin of society!

The suppression with which Clement XIV smote the Society of Jesus was eternal; but the “forever” of the bull lasted only in actual deed during the brief interval that elapsed between 1773 and 1814. That short period was filled up with the awful tempest of the French Revolution-to the fallen thrones and desecrated altars of which the Jesuits pointed as the monuments of the Divine anger at the suppression of their Order. Despite the bull of Clement, the Jesuits had neither ceased to exist nor ceased to act. Amid the storms that shook the world they were energetically active. In revolutionary conventions and clubs, in war-councils and committees, on battle-fields they were present, guiding with unseen but powerful touch the course of affairs. Their maxim is, if despotisms will not serve them, to demoralize society and render government impossible, and from chaos to remodel the world anew. Thus the Society of Jesus, which had gone out of existence before the Revolution, as men believed, started up in full force the moment after, prepared to enter on the work of moulding and ruling the nations which had been chastised but not enlightened. Scarcely had Pins VII returned to the Vatican, when, by a bull dated August 7th, 1814, he restored the Order of Jesus. Thaddeus Borzodzowsky was placed at their head. Once more the brotherhood stalked abroad in their black birettas. In no long time their colleges, seminaries, and novitiates began to flourish in all the countries of Europe, Ireland and England not excepted. Their numbers, swelled by the sodalities of “St. Vincent de Paul,” “Brothers of the Christian Doctrine,” and other societies affiliated with the order, became greater, perhaps, than they ever were at any former period. And their importance was vastly enhanced by the fact that the contest between the “Order” and the “Papal Chair” ended-temporarily, at any rate-in the enslavement of the Popedom, of which they inspired the policy, indited the decrees, and wielded the power.

Dominus ac Redemptor noster

That political kingdoms and civil communities should feel the Order a burden too heavy to be borne, is not to be wondered at when we reflect that even the Popes, of whose throne it was the pillar, have repeatedly decreed its extinction. Strange as it may seem, the first bolt in later times that fell on the Jesuits was launched by the hand of Rome. Benedict IV, by a bull issued in 1741, prohibited them from engaging in trade and making slaves of the Indians. In 1759, Portugal, finding itself on the brink of ruin by their intrigues, shook them off. This example was soon followed in France, as we have already narrated. Even in Spain, with all its devotion to the Papal See, all the Jesuit establishments were surrounded, one night in 1767, with troops, and the whole fraternity, amounting to 7,000, were caught and shipped off to Italy. Immediately thereafter a similar expulsion befell them in South America. Naples, Malta, and Parma were the next to drive them from their soil. The severest blow was yet to come. Clement XIII, hitherto their firm friend, yielding at last to the unanimous demands of all the Roman Catholic courts, summoned a secret conclave for the suppression of the Order: “a step necessary,” said the brief of his successor, “in order to prevent Christians rising one against another, and massacring one another in the very bosom of our common mother the Holy Church.” Clement died suddenly the very evening before the day appointed for the conclave. Lorenzo Ganganelli was elevated to the vacant chair under the title of Clement XIV.  Clement XIV strove for several years, with honest but mistaken zeal, to reform the Order. His-efforts were fruitless. 

Pope Clement XIII, summoned a secret conclave for the suppression of the Jesuit Order: “a step necessary, in order to prevent Christians rising one against another, and massacring one another in the very bosom of our common mother the Holy Church.” Think ye not that such an event that stayed Christendom’s present crisis had done such but for a future time? Catholic countries were threatening to break away from the Papacy so Clement XIV yielded to the outcry “in the name of peace of the Church and to avoid a secession in Europe” and so annulled (not suppressed) the Society of Jesus by the brief Dominus ac Redemptor of the 21 July 1773.   However a mistake was made in non-Catholic nations, particularly such as the Unites States, Prussia and Russia, where papal authority was not recognised, the order was ignored. We know what occurred in Russia- revolution, in Germany wars for world domination and for the United States yet to come nationalism with church and stated united against the true church of God and national ruin at the instigation of a national Sunday law for ecological reasons. 

Clement XIV had hardly given placed the order into effect before the Pope fell into a languishing sickness, generally attributed to poison. No conclusive evidence of poisoning was ever produced however a trade mark of the Jesuits was assassination as marks the infamous Gunpowder Plot of 1605.

The founder of the Jesuits Ignatius Loyola was as  young Spanish soldier who was severely injured in battle, at which time, the heart of a soldier was plucked out, and that of a monk given him. Ignatius vowed, before leaving his sick-chamber, to be the slave, the champion, the knight-errant of Mary. Not a servant of Christ but as many Romanist of the dead Mary! He withdrew himself from society. He wrestled with the evil spirit, talked to voices audible to no ear but his own, fasted for days on end, till his weakness was such that he fell into a swoon, and one day was found at the entrance of his cave, lying on the ground, half dead. The story goes on from that experience to a battle within himself between good and evil. Luther’s battle from self abuse as he battled with his sins found peace with God in the scriptures. Loyola’s battle lead to a path of destruction whose depth the world had not yet plundered. Now I know, said he to himself, that all these torments are from the assaults of Satan. I am tossed between the promptings of the good Spirit, who would have me be at peace, and the dark suggestions of the evil one, who seeks continually to terrify me. I will have done with this warfare. I will forget my past life; I will open these wounds not again. Ignatius did not search for the mysteries of God and salvation in the Bible; favored above the sons of men, he received them, as he thought, in revelations made specially to himself.  Needless to say he established a new order for the church based on his revelations and as a soldier for Rome for the sole purpose of defeating Luther and Protestantism. Persuasion was the beginning and the inquisition for many their final end. “Rome is tolerant where she is helpless. Says Bishop O’Connor: ‘Religious liberty is merely endured until the opposite can be carried into effect without peril to the Catholic world.’  From the Jesuit Rio papers we have the purpose of Jesuit education-

1.To romote the Examen of Consciousness in each of the schools to help students listen to their inner voice and learn the path of integrity.
2. Interreligious education. To learn about and from the world´s religions and respect the various ways religions express and celebrate the divine.
3. Find ways in which Ignatian spirituality (cf. the Spiritual Exercises) can be actively adapted to the school setting so that students learn the habit of stillness and the practice of discernment.

4. A commitment to engaging a process of Ignatian discernment that will lead to a plan of innovation for each school and a periodic review that corresponds to the local context and our tradition.
5. Review with schools the traditional organizational structures and roles with a particular regard for gender stereotypes and gender inequalities.
7. Commit to promoting an environmental and social policy for each of our schools and to proposing ways regional networks can clearly integrate justice, faith, and care for the environment within the curricula of the schools highlighting critical thinking, political awareness, and social engagement – all to be reflected in classroom and school practices.
The Superiors General and the General Congregations of the Society of Jesus since the Second Vatican Council have recognized the enormous value of the educational apostolate. Lets say the stratergies have been so effective that America will crumble soon under its weight!

As is ever the case we see the Vatican sides on popular opinions and issues such as migration, native title, poverty and climate change to benefit themselves. The Vatican is used to playing both sides of the fence ever ready to take the leading side. 

Daniel in introducing the Little Horn has this to say: Daniel 8:25 And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify [himself] in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.  The Jesuits are the main craftsmen of this old papal policy today, so again in Daniel 11 it refers to those that break the covenant of God- that is His laws, do so by flatteries.  When we see a dog wagging its tail we don’t expect it to bite. The reports of the Jesuits have been so very positive wherever they have taught or interacted between various groups but that is the intent to be seen as good people while promoting their order. Yet their science based on evolution, their teachings on Aristotle, their work in defeating Protestantism by assassination or the inquisition speaking of the their motto the means justifies the end. Another example is the Jesuits work for a peace process between Israel and Palestine but they have but one thing in mind, the society’s world domination.

Respect and care for ‘our common home’ demands that our institutions train our students in the environmental dimension of reconciliation. All human beings share responsibility for our planet, for its future viability, beyond our national, local or generational interests. It is important that we join in the efforts of many to create a sustainable society and economy, so that human beings and the environment are both protected. Now Jesus lived and put this concept espoused by the Jesuits into prospective. His signature was the day of rest the Sabbath  a recognition of God’s divine authority rather than evolutionary ideas that the Jesuits promoted through Aristotle cosmology and the big band theory. Can we not say that evolutionary ideas- the big bang theory cemented in its place by the Jesuit is set against the Bible teaching of creation and its signature the Sabbath. Christ’s words were not only ecological but the keys to eternal life. John 14:22 Judas saith unto him, not Iscariot, Lord, how is it that thou wilt manifest thyself unto us, and not unto the world? 14:23 Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.  The Vatican presents the commandments of men a day of its own choosing to suit and please men but this is not the way to eternal life.

The Rio papers also speak of the development of a culture to protect minors and vulnerable individuals this comes after such an avalanche of sexual abuse down to the first Jesuit Pope calling in Cardinal Pell who had a questionable history taking the third highest position in the Vatican to then be charged with child sexual abuse not to mention other high officials and Jesuits caught up in the scandal.

In order to understand the aims of the Vatican we have to first understand it is prophesied by the Bible to be an end world dominating power. In order to better understand how it is shaping our world we see its aims through that which is outlined in Vatican II. That is ecumenism, religious liberty and to add liberation theology.

Liberation theology with woman’s right, gay rights promoted through universities and church institutions- political correctness and opposing so called hate speech is used to dismantle the existing social structures. 

Liberation theology and religious liberty are opposed to each other however it is used to meet their aim- that is to secure power. Where? Throughout the western nations and primarily in the most powerful nation on earth- the USA. The Vatican never acts on its own but must act through a willing participant. The history of native title throughout the world has been implemented by the Jesuits and though indigenous people are more than entitled to rights this is a tool us to empower the Jesuit order. The history of the orders past is being reset on a much grander scale- global domination for the order.

Before coming to Iguazu I stopped at Rio. Coming into Rio means they will be stepping on the breaks cause its a short runway.The interesting thing about Brazil being a Catholic country is the rise of Protestantism. The symbol of Rio is Christ the Redeemer who is situated so high that He is amongst the clouds- its really a fit symbol for the second coming. Behold He cometh with clouds and every eye shall see Him…… Revelation 1:7.  There are other representations of Christ which are of the same large scale such as in Mexico but the size and positioning of this is what is so unique, located at the peak of the 700-metre (2,300 ft) Corcovado mountain in the Tijuca Forest National Park. These images are toward Christo from Sugar loaf mountain another well known tourist location in Rio. What took some time in getting up Sugar loaf mountain on the day was Netanyahu decided to visit as as you can image his special agents and protections were in place. What did the goyim think about all this? A thumbs down as only can be expected from the crowd. 

Evangelicals support for the election of the Presidents of the US & Brazil!

The rise of ‘Protestantism’ in Brazil could be more accurately labelled the rise of Pentecostalism where a true knowledge of  Protestant roots is long forgotten and  there is a corresponding connection with the evangelicals behind Trump and US evangelicals with Catholic leaders steering the policies of America today.  Netanyahu has a friend in the evangelicals false teaching to reestablish Israel as part of their false interpretations of reestablishing Israel and her temple on an unregenerate sin filled planet. This will welcome the coming of the false messiah, the Antichrist as I have emphasised consistently in this website. His coming is to establish certain false teachings such as the Jesuit rapture teaching accepted by Protestantism and the establishing an earthly temple before the passing of a new heavens and a new earth in which sin will no longer exist. The main churches of Christendom cling to the papal error of natural immortality and man’s consciousness in death, thus they have reject the only defence against the delusions of spiritualism. The doctrine of eternal torment has led many to disbelieve the Bible. And as the claims of the fourth commandment are urged upon the people, it is found that the observance of the seventh-day Sabbath is enjoined. So to free themselves from an inconvenient duty which they are unwilling to perform, many popular teachers declare that the law of God is no longer binding- the very keys to heaven and eternal life is the commandments of God John 14:21-23 keep through His indwelling Spirit. So eternal salvation is put at risk

Images from around sugarloaf mountain Rio