Crisis point

Trilogy of sermons


Song of the Rover- humanity is pushed to its limits
from its lack of energy to reach forth its hand for God’s friends

The Seer’s Verse 13

It’s really about a chapter and the world today
Who’s in control and why we are in dismay
Condoleezza and George came with his son
They are kneeling before him
The two powers will act as one

This uniting of the new world with old was foretold of Babylon’s daughter
The result for God’s children is both salvation and slaughter
But if we give ourselves without question to an unholy unifying force
There goes our freedom something God does not endorse
But let’s give our lives to the Spirit who is goodly, kind and true
Who will enlighten us and make us happy and make all things as new

Do you want to know the truth or will you kill the Saviour
Will we talk about Christ’s teachings rather than be subjected to poor man’s behavior
Now before I go I have to give more of the verse
The deadly wound was healed and all the world will pay homage and its all for the worse
Tell me the country that has a lamblike demeanor
It comes from the new world, and it exiles to Cuba

From as far back as the 1800s prophetic vision became clear
As prophets clearly pointed to this time, now the vision is here
So don’t hesitate to understand every historical fact
God wants your allegiance, someone to act

Which power did the reformers talk of that dogged their steps to martyrdom
Which blasphemed God’s name because it thought to give sin pardon
And exhumed Wycliff’s body because its iniquity cannot cease
Now it has given us Sunday to homage, the mark of the beast

The creator is calling us to enter His rest
The 7th is special it’s the only one blessed
So blessed be the Son who did the will of the Father
Thy will be done on earth and still grant men their pardon

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